Sunday, April 27, 2008

PPC-Davao Summer Pitbull Show

Sunday, April 27, 2008, Philippine Pitbull Club – Davao or most popular known as PPC-Davao in association with Pro Plan, Vitarich, Tanduay, EJ Machine Shop, Davao Eiko Coke Zero, Motormall Hino, Holiday Gym and Spa and D’boss Kennel, held its ‘Summer Pitbull Show’ at Damosa Gateway in Lanang Davao City. The event was proposed to start at 1 in the afternoon and will end at 7 in the evening but the event had started around 1:30 pm and ended later. Registration is worth 400php for members and 550 for non-members; that is free dinner and drink all you can anduay mix.

Summer Pitbull Show showcase 2 main events: (1) Weight Pulling and (2) Pitbull Show.

For the weight pulling event, pitbull are to pull a cart with weights weighting 10-XX times the dog’s weight. The dogs are competing for the smallest time of pulling. Each dog was given 2 times to pull; add the time and get the average for judging.

In the event of Pitbull Show, the dogs are judged based on look, walk, pose, and other physical attributes like the dog’s teeth, feet and tail. Pitbull are categorized by gender then by age and classified in two separate entities: (1) Standard Pitbull and (2) the bully.

And here’s a juicy tidbit, dogs are automatically disqualified once it ‘poop’ and ‘urinate’ during the show. Unfortunately, one of the competing dog pooped on the show – it was automatically disqualified.

Winner of the events will receive trophies and certificates. So far, I didn’t have the list of the winners yet. But I have contacted the organizers to give me a copy and will post it here later.

But for now, I have here the tentative list of winners:

For Show:

(1) Standard

Female (5-7 months) – Razca

Male (5-7 months) – Primo

(2) Bully

Best in Show – Paycheck

Best Male in Show – PR Benoit


  1. Does the dog get qualified if the trainer poops during the show?

  2. ROFL!

    Hah, NO but the trainer gets tons of rotten tomatoes. hehehe

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