Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Looking for "Yahoo Status Changer"?

Phews. I can’t imagine how this ‘yahoo status changer’ ate almost an hour of my time. Aha. Silly right?

I have tried about 3 softwares already just to have the feature, and all of them failed me. Hehe. Well, until I bumped into Winamp website in their plugins section. Jeez, I had all the trouble of going into so many websites to look for the freeware that is downloadable on the website which I should have checked first.

I downloaded YM Status Mixer from the Winamp website, installed it on my PC, run and viola! My yahoo status changer is up and working!

Once you run the program, an color blue spherical-icon in the task pane is shown. Double click it or right-click to (1)Change Status Message, (2)Define Quotes, and (3)Change Yahoo ID.

The software is compatible with my YM v8 and winamp v5. Don't know though if it's compatible with higher/lesser versions.

Want to try it? Have it here.

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