Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Two days ago HAAD came to clinic for the Health Facility inspection. I am not sure if it went well because it was my first time to be in a clinic audit for acquiring Health Facility license. Two gentlemen came for the inspection and they are extremely knowledgeable.

It was chaotic. Though I was not trembling, it was a bit terrifying that these people are asking too many things. Somehow I caught myself speechless and just stared at them.

The gentlemen stayed for an hour and half, checked thoroughly all the SOPPs, the facility, talked to the medical professionals, chat a little and went.

No coffee break, no tea break. That’s it!

People said we might fail, but still we hope for the best, hopefully we’ll pass.

Budget for Uniforms Next Year.. YAY!

Recently, we received a new set of medical uniforms and the clinic is preparing for the budget for the healthcare uniform, healthcare uniforms next year. The clinic wants to get discount medical scrubs without sacrificing the quality.

The previous uniforms we had are very good quality and we hope that they would procure the same. Procuring same would result less mistakes for uniform sizes and style.

I love my uniforms. Like I mentioned before, we have this cream-colored top and navyblue-colored trousers. I love the combination and the make, yet if the will provide new set of colors for the new uniforms, absolutely fine with me.

Let’s see how it goes. :)

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