Thursday, October 22, 2009

Munchee Milk Shortcake, my NEW fave!

Like five months ago, my blog was under pressure. The blogger team had accused me of stealing info from other websites whom I admittedly introduce to the wide public as one of my personal favorite things. Most of the products I talked about in this blog named to be my likes. People never pay me to do so. It is a sweet recognition to the products I enjoy eating and using. And if I purposely named them, shouldn’t they be thankful they were advertised for FREE?!

Ok, enough.

To continue, ehem, just recently i have discovered this unfamiliar biscuit. LOL. They actually named it Shortcakes. And if you would come to a grocery store, you hardly will recognize it for the simple label and unattractive packaging. Because of that, I now believe in the saying ‘Don’t judge the book by its cover!’ for it is saying like, ‘Don’t judge the food by it packing.’ LOL

I was not so sure why of all the biscuits I could pick there, I picked that one, the Munchee Milk Shortcakes. A lame blue packing and a simple glass of milk with biscuit printed on it. Perhaps I got tired of eating the usual Chocolate Chip Cookies, Butter Cookies and all kind of cookies and crackers.

So despite the poor presentation of the product, the product itself is nonetheless very good. Yeah, am telling you, the shortcakes are so delicious. I thought it was just my personal preference that I became to love it, but when I shared it with my colleagues at work, they love it too.

Words from the mouth as it is, spreads like thousand molecules in vast horizon. I love it, my colleagues love it, even their roommates became to love it.

If you want to know, you better try it.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Chocolate Lavish

Patchi?! Ring a bell?

When it comes to chocolate, Patchi is a brand that blew my mind. It is chocolatey delicious! Don’t think it is just a type of chocolate you can simply buy whenever you like because buying this brand of chocolate means you lavishly like to spend big bucks for a box of it.

Approximately, 1 box of Patchi is worth around 300 dirhams. Let’s convert --- 3000plus PHP.
Imagine that?!

So, when a friend of mine brought so many Patchi chocolate, I enjoyed each and every single bite of it. =P

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