Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My Shampoo and Conditioner Combo!

I have always been the 'Sunsilk' girl in my family. Simple because i am using the product since i was a kid. Sunsilk have the ingredients that makes my hair smell good and beautiful. Just recently, i bought the new product released by Sunsilk.

I am now using Sunsilk, smooth and manageable!

Sunsilk smooth and manageable shampoo cleanses, refreshes and smoothen fluffy hair from the first wash. Infused with nourishing creamy Yogurt energizers, as it gently clean and wrap around strands so hair is less fluffy and more manageable.

Sunsilk smooth and manageable conditioner softens, nourish that makes hair smooth and manageable; enriched with nourishing creamy Yogurt energizers. This extra rich formula nourishes and smoothen fluffy strands from roots to tips without weighing hair down.

With Sunsilk smooth and manageable shampoo and conditioner, hair is smoother and more manageable so it always falls back into place!

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