Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Technorati Account

Hello everyone, i just started using my technorati account. I'm new and yeah ignorant with it. hehe
Please have a look at my Technorati Profile and hopefully you'll put in your favorites.

Thank you so much for your kindness. =)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Who am i?

This is me.

I love life cos I am free. I love dress, shoes, sandals, accessories and make-up cos I love being a woman and I’m a true blue fashionista. I love food and sweets cos I love eating and I’m extra sexy. I’m snobbish, stubborn and ill-mannered cos I’m not just an ordinary girl. I love my freedom cos I am enjoying my liberty as an independent woman. I pay my own bills, buy my fads and provide my needs cos I don’t want other to interfere with my life with money matters. I’m a liberated woman cos I’m part of the 21st century women. I am serious, mysterious, outspoken and tactless cos I’m over-acting most of the time. I love watching movies and downloading Mp3s cos I’m love entertainment. I’m a frustrated singer and a dancer cos I’m a desperate artista-wanna-be. I experiences hiking and mountain climbing cos I’m a bit weird. I hate argument and I’m not into pleasing anyone cos I am me and that’s what I am. I love pets cos I have my kendy, coco, domino and koleen. I’m already a ‘lola’ and an auntie cos I already have 4 grandchildren, 9 nephews and 8 nieces at my age. We’re 6 siblings, 2 bothers and 4 sisters. I am out of this world cos I’m the youngest and a menopausal baby born in the year of the dog. People say I’m cute, pretty, charming and beautiful cos I they’re liars. I love anime cos anime is my life. I just love being me.

My Motto: "Risk what you can Risk to achieve what you desires in life. Don't be someone that a team can live without, be somebody that a team can't live without."

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