Saturday, December 27, 2008

Biryani, my friend!

I’m addicted to Biryani!

No one’s gonna dare to taste dishes that looks so alienated to your eyes. The first time Biryani was served into our table, I was doubtful if I can even eat a spoonful.

Biryani is a dish made with spices, rice, meat and vegetables. The spices and condiments used in biryani may include ghee, peas, beans, cumin, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaves, coriander and mint leaves, ginger, onions, and garlic. The main ingredient that accompanies the spices is the meat—beef, chicken, goat, lamb, or shrimp. The dish may be served with dahi chutney or Raita, korma, curry, a sour dish of eggplant or a boiled egg.

There are varieties of biryani; the more I try one variety, the more I like biryani. Haha.


Sunday, April 27, 2008

PPC-Davao Summer Pitbull Show

Sunday, April 27, 2008, Philippine Pitbull Club – Davao or most popular known as PPC-Davao in association with Pro Plan, Vitarich, Tanduay, EJ Machine Shop, Davao Eiko Coke Zero, Motormall Hino, Holiday Gym and Spa and D’boss Kennel, held its ‘Summer Pitbull Show’ at Damosa Gateway in Lanang Davao City. The event was proposed to start at 1 in the afternoon and will end at 7 in the evening but the event had started around 1:30 pm and ended later. Registration is worth 400php for members and 550 for non-members; that is free dinner and drink all you can anduay mix.

Summer Pitbull Show showcase 2 main events: (1) Weight Pulling and (2) Pitbull Show.

For the weight pulling event, pitbull are to pull a cart with weights weighting 10-XX times the dog’s weight. The dogs are competing for the smallest time of pulling. Each dog was given 2 times to pull; add the time and get the average for judging.

In the event of Pitbull Show, the dogs are judged based on look, walk, pose, and other physical attributes like the dog’s teeth, feet and tail. Pitbull are categorized by gender then by age and classified in two separate entities: (1) Standard Pitbull and (2) the bully.

And here’s a juicy tidbit, dogs are automatically disqualified once it ‘poop’ and ‘urinate’ during the show. Unfortunately, one of the competing dog pooped on the show – it was automatically disqualified.

Winner of the events will receive trophies and certificates. So far, I didn’t have the list of the winners yet. But I have contacted the organizers to give me a copy and will post it here later.

But for now, I have here the tentative list of winners:

For Show:

(1) Standard

Female (5-7 months) – Razca

Male (5-7 months) – Primo

(2) Bully

Best in Show – Paycheck

Best Male in Show – PR Benoit

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Looking for "Yahoo Status Changer"?

Phews. I can’t imagine how this ‘yahoo status changer’ ate almost an hour of my time. Aha. Silly right?

I have tried about 3 softwares already just to have the feature, and all of them failed me. Hehe. Well, until I bumped into Winamp website in their plugins section. Jeez, I had all the trouble of going into so many websites to look for the freeware that is downloadable on the website which I should have checked first.

I downloaded YM Status Mixer from the Winamp website, installed it on my PC, run and viola! My yahoo status changer is up and working!

Once you run the program, an color blue spherical-icon in the task pane is shown. Double click it or right-click to (1)Change Status Message, (2)Define Quotes, and (3)Change Yahoo ID.

The software is compatible with my YM v8 and winamp v5. Don't know though if it's compatible with higher/lesser versions.

Want to try it? Have it here.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Are you an Anime lover?

I am a certified anime love and I am really fond of watching anime. As a matter of fact, I already watched tons and tons of anime and couldn’t even remember all of them. But of course, I have my favorite picks among them. And to name few of my them, I gathered their official logos (see below).

List above are just few of my favorite anime series and movies. So if you are an anime lover like me, I am open for recommendation. Share you favorite anime movie and series, and I will not hesitate to check it out.

What do you like about Davao?

Have you been to Davao? Do you live in Davao?

I was posting something in a forum when I realized that my post is worthy to be post elsewhere. Then I remember my blog. (hah!) Funny but I seldom visit my blog earlier. Some other things keep me busy. Needless to say, it's good to back blogging.

So, back to the question. What do i like about Davao? Hmmm… This is my post in a certain forum which will answer that sensitive question.

“Most of my friends dreamed to work elsewhere, can be in Manila, Abroad or even in the US. Most of them spent thousand of pesos just to fulfill those dreams. Perhaps, they’re just taking everything rush. Nonetheless, after several years or months away from Davao City, it’s easy for them to say that they still love Davao and it’s good to be backed home. Davao City is the friendliest city I’ve known and I’m proud of that. Don’t you? Dare to forget the beaches in Talomo, the Gap in Maa, the Shrine in Matina, even the bay view of Magsaysay Park, the peaceful community, the delicious dishes and specialties and the durian. It’s hard and you will nod for sure.”

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The delicious Buns ever!

I discover something delicious yesterday, and it’s really really good. It’s soft, creamy and sooo tasty.

My Elder sis went to Cagayan de Oro City for a 3-day seminar, she returned yesterday and she gave me a ‘pasalubong’, a box of Pastel Bun with Filling. Pastel is a product of Camiguin. It is a delightful bun with fillings. My sis got me the ‘Special Yema’ buns and it is sooo good. It’s soft, the filling is sweet and sure does melts in your mouth.

Delicious Pastel can only be found in VjANDEP, who produces these heavenly goodies.

The Pastel of Camiguin comes in so many fillings,

  • Cheese
  • Langka
  • Macapuno
  • Mango
  • Pineapple
  • Ube
  • Regular Yema

And by order, you can also enjoy their exquisite fillings,

  • Durian
  • Guava
  • Strawberry
  • Chocolate
  • Special Yema

Pastel of Camiguin is surely delightful and desirable. Taste it and you will know…

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Pamper your face

Are you looking for natural and fresh facial wash?

One thing that I am very proud of is my face. Yup, because it’s smooth and clean; I don’t have spots, pimples, even blackheads and whiteheads. I usually replace my facial wash from one brand to another until I used Eskinol Natural Facial Wash.

I love it because it refreshes and energizes my skin with its soft vitamin C bursting beads.

Eskinol Natural Facial Wash deeply cleans and refreshes dull, tired-looking skin. It contains Vitamin C, an anti-oxidant that protects facial skin from harsh pollutants; leaving it looking bright and radiant.

So, the next time you shop – include Eskinol Natural Facial Wash in your list.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My Shampoo and Conditioner Combo!

I have always been the 'Sunsilk' girl in my family. Simple because i am using the product since i was a kid. Sunsilk have the ingredients that makes my hair smell good and beautiful. Just recently, i bought the new product released by Sunsilk.

I am now using Sunsilk, smooth and manageable!

Sunsilk smooth and manageable shampoo cleanses, refreshes and smoothen fluffy hair from the first wash. Infused with nourishing creamy Yogurt energizers, as it gently clean and wrap around strands so hair is less fluffy and more manageable.

Sunsilk smooth and manageable conditioner softens, nourish that makes hair smooth and manageable; enriched with nourishing creamy Yogurt energizers. This extra rich formula nourishes and smoothen fluffy strands from roots to tips without weighing hair down.

With Sunsilk smooth and manageable shampoo and conditioner, hair is smoother and more manageable so it always falls back into place!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lipton Milk Tea

Have you tried the best and most tasty tea in the world?

Even before, i already love drinking tea; not the ordinary tea but milk tea. Usually, i blend freshly brewed tea extract, creamy milk and brown syrup. I added up some ice cubes if i prefer it cold. But now, i have the bliss of having my favorite drink in an instant. So there's no need for me to prepare what are needed just to take pleasure of a cup of milk tea.

I recommend to you, the new Lipton Milk Tea 3 in 1 Instant Tea Mix. It is rich and smooth, so tasty!

The Lipton Milk Tea Original is a delicate fusion of black tea and milk that is rich and smooth. With its irresistible aroma, every sip of this perfect combination of Lipton Black Tea and milk is so rich and smooth, the taste just lingers in your mouth.

Take a break and relax. Lipton Milk Tea is perfect for that moment of enjoyment. Such moment bring a unique tea indulgence that leads to good mood.

So go ahead, indulge in the unique taste of Lipton Milk Tea!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Del Monte Fit 'n Right

I am fond of drinking natural juice drinks, needless to say, it makes me healthy than drinking others' regular 'softdrinks' routine. Juice drinks have always been common in my grocery list, but just recently, i discovered this product that will not just satisfy my craves for natural fruit juices but with the plus of eliminating my unwanted fats.

Introducing, Del Monte Fit 'n Right Juice Drinks. Ring a bell? Yes, this product has 4 flavors: Pineapple, Apple, Pine-Orange and Four Seasons; and yes it taste good too.

Del Monte Fit 'n Right is a delicious juice drink that contains real fruit juice that naturally refreshes anytime, anywhere! It contains L-Carnitine that helps burn fat and B vitamins that help speed up metabolism - so you can stay fit, healthy and on the go!

Del Monte Fit'n Right contains 300mg of L-Carnitine that helps burn fat. L-Carnitine is a substance that is naturally occurring in the body. It helps convert fatty acids into energy needed for a healthy heart, important body functions and physical activities. Supplementary L-Carnitine may contribute to optimal fat oxidation, and along with proper diet and regular exercise, may also promote a healthy body weight.

It is recommended to consume 3 serving a day. It is also clinically proven that with proper diet and exercise, you can lose up to 16% body fat in 6 weeks! Isn't it amazing?!

Del Monte Fit 'n Right is definitely a new refreshing way to get the body we've always wanted.

Looking good never tasted this good!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Be Fashionista!

Fashion is a free expression of style and creativity. Want to become glamorous? Do it yourself. Be resourceful to create your own style and creation. Fashion is not a hobby; it’s a devotion to self’s satisfaction. If you lack confidence to be glamorous outside, then make yourself at home.

What’s in and hot? If you were to buy Fashion Magazines, clothing lines and accessories quite changing every now and then. Mishandling a style may lead to the destruction of the fashion statement itself.

BOLERO is in! It is a short and cute cropped jacket. It’s easy to be in style with a bolero. Just think of making in your outfit by pairing one with colored tee, tank, tube or halter. Instead of using cardigan and sweaters, a Bolero shrug goes with everything from tube tops to cute tanks. Dress it up or down with trousers or jeans, and try different materials for the tanks.

Leggings are in too. Girls, leggings are not pants. Since long top, blouses and even dresses are today’s fave outfit, leggings goes well with them. When you’re wearing leggings, you must cover your crotch and butt with those tops. We are not in the gym so it’s a NO-NO to topped legging with short-length tops. Leggings are trendy, more tuck-able than jeans, and warmer than tights. Moreover, leggings are slimming. Be glamorous. Try this super slimming style with body-skimming layering over leggings; just wear a longest layer on the bottom being an upper-thigh-grazing tank top and top layer being a lower-waist length 3/4-sleeve Henley.

Accessories make a separate statement. For accessories, shoes, bags and everything in-between needs collaboration. Metallic flip flops and slouched bags are in. This season brings oversized sunglasses(sample worn by Hollywood Stars) and chunky beaded necklaces and bracelets. Necklaces are not only big and bold, but they're also long - it can be looped in layers or worn as one long, dramatic necklace. Fashion belts are also in. You can be in style wearing belts above the waistline, on the hips, and on the perfect waistline spot. Large belts are stylish.

Where to get these stuffs? Be wise shopper. If you want quality, buy at respective boutiques like Loalde and Sari-Sari. If you’re brand conscious, best to buy at Karimadon, Oxygen, Mags, newly opened For Me (SM), Bayo and Kamiseta. Bear in mind, these boutiques are money suckers so be ready with your crispy bills and credit cards. If in case, you’re in-between, you can be fashionable with Herbench, Penshoppe and Human. Not bad, right?! Tips also can be found in the department stores ladies section of Gaisano Mall, SM and Gaisano South Citimall. You can also visit also Gaisano Mall’s Options and SM’s Salad Dressings. However, if you’re tight in budget but you want to be fashionable, you can grab these stuffs in China Town (Uyanguren), you can get there the most affordable stuffs for fashion but these are not branded clothing and sometimes lack quality. Now, if you want branded stuff at a very affordable price, the place to get them is in Ukay-Ukay.

So there. Be fashionable by your means. It feels great to be glamorous.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Promises are made for what?

Promises are made to be broken. It’s a very painful reality. And I can attest to that. Why it is people make promises that they can’t keep? I hate to say this, but I knew a lot of people who does not have that what we so called “Word of Honor”. Before, I used to make promises but I ended up done nothing of it. We often fight (me and bi) because of those broken promises. And it hurts us both. So, we’ve learned from our mistakes. We decided not to make statements which are doubtful. It would be much better if it come in surprise.

Then, why it is we need to promise? To hurt somebody or maybe to give false expectation to the person we gave our promises? Didn’t we realize it’s really painful to be fooled with those lies and be cheated? Those liars don’t mean to be with anyone else in the world (well, they can be with those people just like them). These people don’t deserve any happiness, and they are not entitled to have our attention. So, don’t ever waste your tears to these people. They also need to learn their lessons and it is only GOD can do that.

So, I suggest. Don’t make promises that you can’t keep.

Friday, February 8, 2008


I was fascinated in reading the blogs of my friends. i get to know even more those ppl whom i haven't had the time(lots of time) to talk to. They were merely my batch mates or one of my long lost classmates. It is undeniable to tell that blogs does a lot of favors to their users. Friends can communicate easily with it and through blogs, people can get to the bottom of a person's emotions and feelings. There were huge numbers of emotions i read on different blogs i visit. Sometimes DEEP THINKING is a requirement to catch up what really a certain blog means. Well, If only i can tell rather i can share those blogs of people that are worth reading. Some of the blogs that i visit most were of my batch mate's blogs. I am so excited of seeing people climbing (if not racing) to the top of their career and emphasizing their hard works in dealing with new environment and strangers.

It is my dream to go around the world, explore the beauty of the nature, to travel and to have fun. There might be places where it is impossible for me to come but through my friends' blog, i got to journey with them. There were experiences in life that is worth learning. Disappointments, hatred, anger, sorrow, confusion are some of the main issues i read here yet HAPPINESS, EXCITEMENT, SUCCESS, CONTENTMENT, JOY, and DETERMINATION are few of the good side of it. It's so nice to learn that people experienced bad things, struggled to solve it and learned from it. And i am glad, that i was part of it. Being INVOLVED is good especially if people excites, educates and learns from it.

It's A BLESSING from God that we are still alive. We still have millions of chances, opportunities and trials ahead of us. We should thank HIM for everything.

God Bless Us All... Have a good day friend!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The basket of my dreams

How i spent the days of my life?

at last! the day that i have been waiting for has come. i really want to take some rest. i am so exhausted this semester and knowing that it will now come to an end is a good idea. i've been spending my time(12 hours a day) in my e-Lab. i've been wondering if i made my life to the fullest or have i gone to a dead-end of my career?

as i look back in my one(1) year of serving this institution, i could see that there were several changes in my life. Teaching and staff really made some differences. Though i miss teaching, it never came to my mind that i will apply for a teaching position in this institution after getting my regular status as IT Staff. Spending time in e-Learning department isn't bad anyway! i love it here. However, after one(1) year of being boxed with this room, i felt like i wasn't able to explore to world totally.

i am so AMBITIOUS!...which i really don't exactly like. i used to tell myself that it's better to keep on dreaming and be ambitious than spending my entire life with the same routine over and over again. i see it positively, if i'll stop hoping then i'm giving myself a "thin" line for a better future. but the sad thing there, i really can't remember now when was the last time i think about getting myself into one(1) level higher. I could see myself static. The world keeps on turning, but i couldn't even justify why i forgot to mae myself be someone that i want to be in the near future. Why i stop aiming?

Does it mean, i'll end up daydreaming? Nope, i won't let this happen. i am not frustrated(which ppl term me once :P) because i haven't even try it a little harder and never did i feel that way. i know i stepped 2 ladders already after i graduated.. but it wasn't enough for me to stop.i know someday i'll get to the top. Sooner or later, i know i'll be. i need to decide now... but where, on what, and how?

Monday, February 4, 2008

Love Sucks?

Now i realized, life wasn't perfect afterall. No matter how hard you try to make it the way you want it to be, life has it's own decision whether to follow it or to do their own way. God have so much plans to us and all of them were simply amazing. the problem with us is that, we wanted to have it right away. we really doesn't care or no matter what it takes just to make things look perfect. we tend to realize things ONLY after it has been done and things went unwell(disaster?). My life isn't perfect.. never been that 'GOOD' to what i aspired it to be.. my life maybe shaky now.. yes! i'm on the ROUGH ROAD now... and i want to escape it. there were times i tend to shout so loud, thinking none listening, just to make myself free but i just couldn't do. i'm still awake you know! people will see and people will know whatever hurts i'm keeping inside and i don't want people to know i was BADLY hurt. i would rather CRY at the corner.. TALK to God. trust me.. He listens. i always got comforts everytime i talked to Him and i am so thankful i have Him in me.

i can' t say my life was a total mess. my life isn't that bad anyway!.. sometimes, we really need to be hurt and cry... it's LIFE! but too much of it is unacceptable! everytime i'm on a fight... i forced my ear not to hear anything... i want everything MUTED! i closed my eyes and think i wasn't there and i was anywhere(away!!!)... i hate argue.. i hate interrogations... i want to be at PEACE.

There are so many things i want to do with my life and i'll do what it takes to fulfill my dreams. i may be sacrificing things and people(?)... if it's the only way to make my dreams come true.. then i'll DO it! God will always be there for me.. for whatever comes to me, it's His consent... it's His plan.. it's His gift.. and don't want to waste it. God will give me wisdom in everything i'll decide(?)..huh?!.. then why i messed my life?? and i can answer that.. God gave me more choices.. wider explaination.. huge advice but i tend not to follow it. i knew He was there everytime i made decision... He's there giving me advice.. but my ears were CLOSE to hear it... isn't it IRONIC? that after everything went bad, we blame Him...

There were too much struggles i kept in my my whole being... Only God knows everything... i want to cry(but i don't want to also)... my eyes were just so tired of it.. my body is too weak to produce tears.. and i really can not figure out the exact emotion to pour out.. coz everything is in confusion.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

What's in my Basket? My Crushes...

Come On! I know what you're thinking right now. Okey, i know i'm not a teener anymore and you might think it's inappropriate for me to have crushes. Funny! i guess it won't hurt you if i am. Well, let me clear some thing before i'll introduce to you 'these' personalities that struck my infatuation (lol). Anyway, i have a loving boyfriend. He's handsome, talented and funny. I love him so much! Hey, don't worry about my crushes coz he already know. Let me start now... can i?

Anyway, my first CRUSH is the ever-gorgeous Josh Hartnett. Hope you are not disappointed! hahaha.. for sure, you're thinking of someone you knew in your group or in my group. Sad to say, it's him! i've noticed him first in 'Pearl Harbor'. i was starstruck when i saw him on the film. Actually, it is the first time he catched my attention. i never liked him though.. the story of 'Pearl Harbor' made him melt my attention. After then, he caught me again in the movie '40 Days and 40 Nights'. He was hilarious. Let me tell you peepz, if you watched 'Wicker Park', you will fell for him!.. you'll going to have a crush on him(hehehe). My gosh! He's so cute in there.. and i really adored his role. He's one of a kind.

Enough of Josh. Now, let me share to you my second CRUSH and let me remind you, he is the cutest guy.. ever! He is Jesse McCartney. He's cute,right? i saw him in his new video 'Because You Live'. I was shocked how cute he was. Though, i've known him in 'She's No You' and 'Beautiful Soul' songs, never came to me he was that cute. Yet, he's just 18. too young for me.. this is all about CRUSH anyway! Crushes are normal. So better keep on crushing, hehehe.

My third CRUSH is Chad Michael Murray. I like him in the movie 'A cinderella Story' yet after... i find him unattractive in the movie 'House of Wax'. And what would i expect? it's a horror flick! =).. anyway, he's still cute.

Honestly, i wan't talk about all of my CRUSHES under the sun yet i will not allow myself to get you bored. There's Ben affleck out there, Chris Klein, and Ashton Kutcher. whew.. So, i'll end it here.

above all...
nobody can beat my love for my hubby-bee =)
adoration is normal,
but true love is really hard to find.
And i'm so glad i've already found him.
it's a blessing that i didn't wait too long for him.
i love you supahfafahlicious!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

How i handle pressure at work?

Yesterday wasn't quite well... i have a sort of argument with one of my colleagues here. i really don't have plan of arguing with him. it's a waste of time.. and anger(?). but things just went out to make things transparent for both of us! and it's all because of the 'uneven'(?) distribution of assignments. my boss tasked me to do whatever his back jobs(shall i say 'unfinished' job) because he'll be assigned to do other jobs. i did not accept it..(whyy?) the assignments were given a week ago(both of us were tasked to different assignment.. he had the funda and i had the stn and pathology)... and would due saturday(last week).. of course this week, we will be having another set of assignments(again).. and that's my point. we were working just the same.. but the issue there is that.. i will be working with his unfinished business... would i think of it's unfair?.. for me.. it's YES!.. he should have done it and finished it a week ago.. but the thing is... he didn't.. i am agree actually.... i am just expressing my side. i know.. i could be the one who'll be blame(again).. for being so 'reklamador'.... hahaha.. i never thought i would be like this up to now... being 'reklamador' is the status i earned from my college professors..they would comment *hey! you're my only student who would question everything about this and that.. but, you're the student which most of the time(if not always) got our expectation*... hahahha.. who could forget that phrase!.. it was stated to me by the best professor in school. was it amazing?... my attitude really is to question everything... i always wanted to have a clear explaination why should i be doing this... especially if unjustice(? tough term!) exists... however, i don't have plan actually of taking the task for granted.. just because it was thrown to me(unacceptable).. but, as much as possible... i made everything well... it's an accomplishment if i made my task perfectly well.

my day wasn't that bad afterall.. there was no anger(don't know exactly what term to use).. well, i just made the day fruitful... and i was able to finished 13 chapters yesterday! *bravo*

God is good... ALL THE TIME!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Technorati Account

Hello everyone, i just started using my technorati account. I'm new and yeah ignorant with it. hehe
Please have a look at my Technorati Profile and hopefully you'll put in your favorites.

Thank you so much for your kindness. =)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Who am i?

This is me.

I love life cos I am free. I love dress, shoes, sandals, accessories and make-up cos I love being a woman and I’m a true blue fashionista. I love food and sweets cos I love eating and I’m extra sexy. I’m snobbish, stubborn and ill-mannered cos I’m not just an ordinary girl. I love my freedom cos I am enjoying my liberty as an independent woman. I pay my own bills, buy my fads and provide my needs cos I don’t want other to interfere with my life with money matters. I’m a liberated woman cos I’m part of the 21st century women. I am serious, mysterious, outspoken and tactless cos I’m over-acting most of the time. I love watching movies and downloading Mp3s cos I’m love entertainment. I’m a frustrated singer and a dancer cos I’m a desperate artista-wanna-be. I experiences hiking and mountain climbing cos I’m a bit weird. I hate argument and I’m not into pleasing anyone cos I am me and that’s what I am. I love pets cos I have my kendy, coco, domino and koleen. I’m already a ‘lola’ and an auntie cos I already have 4 grandchildren, 9 nephews and 8 nieces at my age. We’re 6 siblings, 2 bothers and 4 sisters. I am out of this world cos I’m the youngest and a menopausal baby born in the year of the dog. People say I’m cute, pretty, charming and beautiful cos I they’re liars. I love anime cos anime is my life. I just love being me.

My Motto: "Risk what you can Risk to achieve what you desires in life. Don't be someone that a team can live without, be somebody that a team can't live without."

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