Friday, November 12, 2010

Wish to wear scrubs at work...

It was just a mere desire to work in a medical centre before but truly blessings come by surprise, it has been 7months now since I start working at Emal Occupational Health Clinic. I truly love the idea of giving care and support to the patients, Im so in love with the job. The work load is exciting and challenging everyday. And it is demanding and sometimes frustrating.

What I love most are the uniforms. Most especially the scrub clothing where nurses are wearing, I even ask my manager if I could have one for myself, but yet I am not allowed to wear it because I am not a nurse, I am admin support. If the nurses look fabulous wearing their nursing scrubs, the doctors stood gracefully in their lab coat and doctors’ coat.

I once tried putting on scrub and felt like I was Callie Torres of Grey’s Anatomy. Funny, but it feels so good.

Oh well, admin staff have different set of uniforms. At least, the ‘medical team’ stitched on the left sleeve of the blouse makes me one of the medical staff. Im satisfied afterall.

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